Making the city simple !

The City of Nancy and its partners offer a wide range of parking, with prices tailored to different uses. Find what's best for you!

Whether you travel by car, foot, public transport or bicycle, Nancy aims to ensure that your travel conditions are perfect.  

Not only is there free car parking in the suburbs, but you have the choice of on- and off-street parking.    

Street parking (6,300 spaces)

Divided into two areas:

  • The central zone, known as T2 (single price): 2,790 spaces where you can park for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • The peripheral zone, divided into T4 and T6 (prices get cheaper the longer you stay): 3,500 spaces where you can park for a maximum of 8 hours.  

Download parking plan surface (.pdf)

30 off-street car parks (7,871 spaces) 

Off-street parking is up to 25% cheaper than street parking, depending which offer you choose. Less stress and easy access to the town centre.

List of car parks

Parking Beaupré 32 rue de Serre 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383324628

Parking Charlemagne Place des Ducs de Bar 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Dom Calmet 17-19 rue Saint-Dizier 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Fabriques 14-16 rue des Fabriques 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Faubourg III Maisons rue Charles Keller 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Gare Saint Léon rue Saint Léon (sous l'esplanade Saint Léon) 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383904154

Parking Gare Thiers - courte durée Place Thiers ( 1 entrée rue Mazagran et 1 entrée rue Piroux) 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383353040

Parking Gare Thiers - longue durée Place Thiers ( 1 entrée rue Mazagran et 1 entrée rue Piroux) 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383353040

Parking Haussonville place du docteur Pélerin 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Joffre-Saint Thiébaut 22 rue du Grand Rabbin Haguénauer 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383323798

Site internet

Parking Kennedy rue André Schock 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383353040

Parking Les Deux Rives Promenade Emilie du Châtelet 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383209787

Parking Manufacture quai Claude de Lorrain 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383375283

Site internet

Parking Mgr Thouvenin Rue Monseigneur Thouvenin 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Phalsbourg 10 rue de Phalsbourg 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Place des Vosges 25 Place des Vosges 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Place Stanislas 6 rue Claude Charles 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383354674

Site internet

Parking République Centre de Congrès Prouvé boulevard Joffre (sous le Centre des Congrès) 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383307858

Parking Rome 8 rue de Rome 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Sacré Cœur rue de Laxou 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Saint Dizier rue du Docteur Schmitt 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383365479

Site internet

Parking Saint Nicolas 32 rue des Fabriques 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383323402

Parking Saint Sébastien Centre commercial Saint Sébastien, Place Charles III (1 Entrée rue Cyfflé et 1 entrée rue Haguenauer) 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383171819

Parking Sittler 49 rue de la Colline 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Vaudémont terrasse Pépinière 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Verlaine 11 avenue des Boufflers 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking Ville Vieille Carnot Place Carnot 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383322558

Site internet

Parking Ville Vieille Léopolod Cour Léopold 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0899230009

Site internet

Parking VNF Charles de Foucauld Rue Charles de Foucauld 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking VNF Saint Georges Bd du 21° Régiment d'Aviation 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

Parking VNF Sainte Catherine Quai Sainte Catherine 54000 Nancy

Tél : 0383855669

The different options

If you're only stopping for a few minutes... 

The easiest option is to use a car park where you can take advantage of 30 minutes free parking. 


If you want to park near Place Stanislas...

Use the 4 car parks in the immediate vicinity of the royal square:

Place Stanislas Car Park

6 Rue Claude Charles / 54000 Nancy

Vaudémont Car Park

Terrasse de la Pépinière / 54000 Nancy

Dom Calmet Car Park

17/19, rue Saint Dizier / 54000 Nancy

Carnot Car Park

2 Place Carnot 54000 Nancy

For half day visits...

Make use of the new parking guidance system. As you approach the town centre, 57 digital signs will lead you to your destination, informing you in real time of the number of spaces available in participating car parks and park-and-rides.

For full day visits, use the park-and-rides !

Do you need to park easily when you come into work each day? Is it time for a city-centre shopping spree? The park-and-ride system is perfect for you. A ticket costing just € 2.70 covers parking your vehicle for the whole day and the return trip for you and all your passengers into the city centre on public transport. These car parks are managed by the Grand Nancy metropolitan area.

  • Price : 2.70 € per  véhicule

Sundays and Bank Holidays...

The first four hours of parking are free in car parks.

After that, you won't pay more than € 2 for the full day, except in the Saint Nicolas car park (€ 7 per day)

Overnight parking...

Night-time parking is capped at € 2 for the whole night in city centre car parks. Free parking is available outside the city centre.

If you work or live near the quayside...

The City of Nancy offers monthly parking passes for parking along the canal, in the VNF car parks: Charles de Foucauld, Sainte Catherine and Saint Georges

  • a 5-day pass (Monday to Friday) for € 35 per month .
  • a standard pass (7 days a week) for € 55 per month ..

To buy a pass or for further information, contact the parking department directly on +33 (0)3 83 85 56 69.

If you are disabled apply for your european parking badge :

- If you are disabled, you should hold a European parking badge.


- This card allows the holder or the person with him or her to park for free in spaces open to the public (including unreserved spaces). However, parking is limited to 12 hours.

Parking for medical professionals. 

Apply for your special parking permit

You need a special parking badge known as a "Macaron Santé" to park for free (for up to 60 minutes) during home visits. These are especially for healthcare works such as doctors, locums, nurses, locum nurses, midwives, cardiologists, paramedics, paediatricians, podiatrists, physiotherapists and speech therapists. You must work in the Grand Nancy region. 

These badges are free and allow you to park in pay-parking spaces for the duration of the home visit. It cannot be used outside your place of work or home.

To claim your badge, you need to provide your professional ID card, your car registration document and proof of address.

DELIVERIES: Check rules and times 

You can stop on double lines as long as you do not disrupt or block traffic, under the following conditions:

  • variable times in pedestrian areas (dark grey), generally from 6am to 11am.
  • 9am to 12 noon and 8pm to 7am in the central area (yellow),,
  • 9am to 12 noon and 2.15pm to 4.45pm and 8pm to 7am in other areas (light grey).

Stopping in the delivery areas marked on the ground is allowed 24 hours a day.




The fine is € 17 and will go up if you don't pay within the deadline set by the Public Prosecutor on behalf of the State.



In July 2015, a State Decree introduced the concept of "very obstructive parking" into the French Highway Code (Article R417-11). As a result, certain offences that were previously subject to a € 35 fine, will now cost the offender € 135. You will incur a € 135 fine if you stop or park:


- on a pavement, such that pedestrians must walk on the road to get round your vehicle

- on cycle lanes

- on pedestrian crossings and within 5 metres of these walkways (unless there is specific signage to the contrary)

- in spaces reserved for disabled drivers

- on lanes reserved for public transport or priority vehicles

- in spaces reserved for cash-in-transit vehicles

- in front of road signs or traffic lights, if the parking impacts on their visibility close to fire hydrants.

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