Travaux Nancy Grand coeur

Nancy Grand Cœur

Since the arrival of the Eastern European TGV line in 2007, the area around Nancy station has entered a new era, undergoing a full redevelopment integrating all the historical, cultural, economic, social and environmental elements befitting a 21st-century station.

The Nancy Grand Coeur eco-district, supported by the City and the Grand Nancy metropolitan area, reflects multiple ambitions for the heart of the region :

  • the sector's reconstruction and densification to limit urban sprawl;
  • acknowledging geography and  history, bringing together different eras in the city's history,
  • aspiring to an urban and social mix, with activities, accommodation (including social housing), facilities, meeting places, streets, squares and green spaces,
  • limiting the role of the car through sensible management of parking and prioritisng alternative means of transport (tramways, high-level service buses, buses, bicycles, car-sharing and -pooling);
  • respecting nature in the city with new landscaping, gardens, alignment planting and reintroducing water to the city,
  • continuing dialogue between all stakeholders, especially the residents.

Since the creation of a joint development zone, known as a "Zone d'Aménagement Concerté" (Zac) under the title Nancy Grand Coeur in 2007, the architect and town planner Jean-Marie Duthilleul and the Arep group have been working on the urban project. As a result, the eco-district has moved into the implementation phase, with the completion of several major developments: the new Charles III square, the new Prouvé Exhibition Centre, the renovated Place Thiers and the Thiers and République car parks.

The first private real estate ventures should start emerging in 2016.

The planned buildings, accommodation, offices and shops represent 100 million euros of investment in construction and public works companies in Lorraine.