Special deals

Special deals in Nancy? The best way of finding special deals is generally word of mouth and social networks... But here are a few not to be missed !


In a city where cultural life takes centre stage, the first thing to do as a student is get your hands on a free Carte Jeunes Nancy Culture (CJNC) card.

This gets you a massive range of reductions and preferential access to concerts, museums, shows, MJC Youth and Culture Clubs, cinemas and even tickets to see ASNL FC !

More generally, the City of Nancy offers lots of special prices and membership options for its cultural events, and many big events are free.

It is worth knowing that museum entry is free for everyone on the first Sunday of the month. And for 10-25 year olds with a CJNC, entry is always free.

Daily life

One major retail store offers 10% discount to students on all purchases. Our site doesn't carry any advertising, so we can't tell you which one it is... but a quick online search will find it for you !


For €20.50 per month (€15.50 if you are on a bursary), you get unlimited use of the public transport system .

The véloStan and Velostan lib bike-sharing schemes allow you to get round by bike for a nominal charge

MGEL, the regional students' mutual association, sells discounted taxi vouchers.

Last but not least, with campus pass, students can get discounts on regional train passes.

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