Culture in Nancy

Nancy lives and shares culture with even more passion now it is rated amongst the most cultural cities in France. Awarded second place in the competition established by Arte in 2014 and sixth in the article "10 of the best European cities for art nouveau" published by The Guardian in 2016, the city has established its identity at both national and international level.

Culture in Nancy, which is also the name of the City's cultural magazine, Culture À Nancy, or "CAN" - is alive and open to all throughout the year, at multiple places and events.

Culture in Nancy is an exceptional heritage, to be protected and promoted. From the 18th-century group of buildings comprising the famous Place Stanislas to the Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine, - Lorraine Museum, the Ecole de Nancy and the Renaissance New Town of Charles III, major investments are made to offer inhabitants and visitors a fantastic cultural programme.

Culture in Nancy encompasses remarkable works and collections, displayed at major sites of interest: the Fine Arts Museum, the Ecole de Nancy museum, the Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine - Lorraine Museum, the Libraries of Nancy and the Municipal Archives.

Culture in Nancy is creativity, which is strongly supported in the city.  It shines from the stage of the Opéra national de Lorraine, the National Choreographic Centre - Lorraine Ballet, the National Drama Centre – Théâtre de la Manufacture, L'Autre Canal – contemporary music venues, the Salle Poirel… It can also be found in the Poirel Gallery, specialising in contemporary art and design and in the streets with the "ADN" (Art in Nancy) trails that include works such as installations, frescoes and street art along with open air exhibitions. A planned new space for artistic creation is also on the cards.

Culture in Nancy encompasses the big events that structure the life of the City and give it a festive feel. Every year, hundreds of thousands of citizens from Nancy and foreign visitors come together at the Livre sur la Place book festival, the Festival of Saint Nicholas, the Rendez-vous Place Stanislas, the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival and many other events besides. There are also one-off events, such as the the celebration in 2016 of the 250th anniversary of Stanislas's death and the incorporation of Lorraine into France.

Culture in Nancy represents constant support for projects and events developed by sectoral partners and stakeholders across the region.

Culture in Nancy, in short, represents a state of mind, an eagerness to share and a humanist ambition. Each year, the City of Nancy and its partners invest in providing a culture programme that is as diverse as possible, to appeal to all sectors of the public. When art is made more accessible, it enhances personal growth and fosters social cohesion.

Culture in Nancy is "continuous culture"

Culture à Nancy

In numbers

Nancy allocates 24% of its budget to culture. A number - and a societal choice - that outlines its ambition.

Culture in Nancy means that every year there are:

- 2 million spectators and visitors

- 127,000 people participating in activities under the banner of municipal cultural stakeholders

- 2,000 shows and exhibitions

- 400 artists with works on display

- 130 organisations are supported

Numerous high points and festivals bringing together a diverse public: The Livre sur la Place book festival, the Fêtes de Saint Nicolas, Rendez-vous Place Stanislas, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Nancyphonies, Nancy Voix du Monde – the international festival of choral singing, Nancy Ring Théâtre, International Biennial of the Image, Nancy-Lorraine International Film Festival, Michto, Le P’tit Baz’art, open days at artists' studios, etc.


But also:


- 200,000 works of art conserved in the City of Nancy's museums

- 11 cultural establishments

- 2 artists' houses: Maison Prouvé and Villa Majorelle

Nancy receives top billing

- 2nd place in the cultural awards for French cities by Arte (2014)

- 6th most beautiful city in Europe for Art Nouveau according to The Guardian (2016)

- 6th most stylish city according to the Lonely Planet (2016)

- 7th 'coolest' city in France according to the website Merci Alfred (2015)

- 10th in the Top 12 cities that love art according to Beaux Arts Magazine (2014)

"Critic's Grand Prize 2015-2016" for Luigi Rossi's "Orfeo", a production by the Opéra National de Lorraine

- Place Stanislas, voted the most beautiful place in France by Détours en France magazine (2015)

- 16th place for the Museum of Fine Arts in the Journal des Arts museum awards (2015)

- 2 artists with visibility across Nancy's public domain (François Morellet and Daniel Buren) classed among the top 5 contemporary French artists recognised by the Journal des Arts (Art index 2016)

- The "Golden Street Art 2015" award for the urban fresco Giulia by David Walker (trompe-l-œ, 2015)

- The "Coup de Coeur du Théâtre public" (public theatre favourite) prize at the first Palmarès du Théâtre awards (formerly the Molières Ceremony) for Richard Bohringer and Romane Bohringer and their performances in J'avais un beau ballon rouge, directed by Michel Didym, Director of the CDN – Théâtre de la Manufacture (2013)

- Artaserse by Leonardo Vinci, a production by the Opéra national de Lorraine nominated in the "new discovery" prize at the Opera Awards (2013) and 2nd in "Opera of the Year" by Mezzo TV (2014)