Nancy in Motion

"6 months for 6 years". Since March 2014, when Nancy's new municipal team was elected into office, it has launched a participative process called Nancy in Motion (Nancy en Mouvement). Using new ways to achieve a new objective it has made it possible to consult residents of the city on a regular basis on a remarkably wide variety of topics.

Nancy in Motion invites the people of Nancy to have their say and to share their views through a series of debates, meetings and visits across all parts of the city. Employment, schools, mobility, housing, social services, culture, sports, green spaces, security, cleaning, shops...: all these topics have been put out for review.

Nancy in Motion allows the course of municipal action to be set on a shared basis. New ways of participating have been formed.

Nancy in Motion has established a new dialogue process at a local level. The process continues today through numerous participative events across the City of Nancy.

Nancy in Motion especially helped with the drafting of the We Love Nancy City Project - Course towards 2020 (le Projet de Ville Aimons Nancy – Cap sur 2020), adopted by the Municipal Council in 2015. 

The Best Bits of Nancy in Motion

6 months of multiple opportunities for discussion, 7,000 meetings with local citizens

In 6 months, the municipal team met more than 7,000 people from all parts of Nancy, at 85 public meetings :

  • 9 "cards on the table" debates focusing on 9 priorities for action: employment, social services, education, associative life, culture, sustainable development and quality of life, digitalisation, local democracy and regional reform.
  • 22 local meetings, closer to the people of Nancy and on day-to-day subjects: quality of life, cleaning, safety, business.
  • 52 project visits, supporting stakeholders in their initiatives, especially meeting 250 entrepreneurs, shop-keepers and representatives from the financial world.
  • A Finance Workshop dedicated to budgetary transparency and steering the communal budget over the next few years.

In-depth work on grassroots democracy

A Board of Experts consisting of volunteers from the former Local Life Workshops have been invited to work on new grassroots initiatives. The board was formed in 2015.


3 highlights :

  • A special Day of Welcome for People New to Nancy and Associations en Fête on 27 September 2014, at the Prouvé Convention Centre.
  • A full session with all the City's agencies, CCAS, the Opéra and Crédit Municipal on 16 October 2014, as part of Nancy Jazz Pulsations
  • The "Traversée de Nancy" ("Crossing Nancy") from 11 to 18 September 2014: 7 days and 7 nights of uninterrupted political and administrative presence across the public space, adding to a comments book and requests from the city's residents.