Image d'une séance de travail du conseil nancéien de la jeunesse

Get involved !

Are you keen to play a part in community life and public decision making in your city? Would you like your voice to be heard in your neighbourhood or at your local City Council? Do you want to help out your community, be involved in campaigns and promote civic rights? Then join one of Nancy's citizen bodies!

Public decisions for a city are made by the municipal council. But in a rapidly changing and expanding world should these decisions really be made by a small committee?

Since 2014, the new mayor of Nancy, Laurent Hénart, has been keen to set up new citizen bodies so that decisions can be discussed and established with the city's residents.

Citizen Councils, Business Councils, Youth Councils, Civil and Citizen Societies, Business Cafés, etc. These bodies are open to all and provide genuine, in-depth interaction between the city's authorities and the people of Nancy. The main aim of these groups is to ensure that decisions are taken with you as well as for you.

Come and join us!

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