A city with historic ties around the world

As the former capital of the Duchy of Lorraine, with a cross-border location and culture to match, Nancy is naturally internationally-oriented.

Fully aware of the importance of reaching a global audience and drawing on the twinning links it has developed for over half a century, the city has stepped up its international action.

With Nancy's prestigious history and UNESCO-listed heritage, its excellent university and technology centre and dynamic tertiary sector, the city provides the ideal environment for fostering links with other countries, bringing people closer together and encouraging them to discover other cultures.

The city has become progressively more accessible through cooperation with 5 other European cities (Liège, Newcastle, Karlsruhe, Padua and Lublin) and 3 cities outside Europe (Kanazawa, Qiryat Shemona and Cincinnati). The quality of these relationships is regularly cited as an example by the top-level French and US authorities involved.

Keen to expand this cooperation and promote its image and expertise in China and Russia, it is currently looking into the possibility of forging privileged partnerships with people in these areas.

The City of Nancy's international cooperation spans all its areas of competence (youth, education, sustainable development, town planning, lifestyle, culture, sports, local development, healthcare, etc.) and involves several socio-economic stakeholders (associations, schools and other educational and training establishments, universities, embassies, consular corps, chambers of commerce and economic and development agencies, etc.).

Its involvement in cross-border, European and international networks such as United Cities France (CUF), the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE), EUREGIO (the network of cities in the Greater Region), the Greater Region Institute (IGR) and the Working Group of Cities awarded the Europe Prize (awarded to Nancy in 1969), allows it to promote the European ideal and build the profile of Nancy and the Grand Nancy metropolitan area internationally.

Supported by friendships that have developed over the years with these networks, its twinned cities and their residents, Nancy is expressing its ambition to position itself as a spearhead of projects driven by humanist values which it then represents in its actions.