The enterprising spirit of the Grand Nancy Metropolitan area

With over 211,000 jobs, the Nancy area is the second largest development hub in the Grand Est region. Its 47,000 students make it a region for the future, with a strong focus on innovation and the knowledge economy.

Do you have a start-up project? 

The Grand Nancy metropolitan area offers a supportive framework and tailored solutions for your projects:

  • 24 business locations covering 780 hectares offer an attractive alternative to Paris and Strasbourg: brand new office buildings with prices 20-30% cheaper
  • 54 hectares of land for development available at the commercial sites
  • 63,450m² of office space available 
  • 44,000m² of tertiary premises under development in Nancy Grand Coeur
  • a well trained and qualified community: 29% of inhabitants over the age of 15, who are not in school, hold a higher education qualification. The population is young: ¼ of inhabitants are under the age of 20
  • 31,600 businesses, of which 1,900 start-ups per year
  • A support network for start-ups in our sectors of excellence: health, imaging, chemistry, materials and IT.

Several leading and innovative sectors have helped raise the profile of Nancy and in turn have benefited from the favourable working conditions :

  • Health/health engineering: 3,300 establishments
  • Materials, processes and energy: over 1,000 establishments
  • Digital economy: over 900 businesses and 7,000 jobs (2013 figures)
  • Creative and cultural industries: 350 establishments.

Complemented by historically strong sectors :

  • Banking/finance/law: over 7,700 establishments
  • Business/logistics: over 5,800 establishments
  • Business tourism: 730 establishments
  • Construction: 540 establishments

The City of Nancy works with the Metropolitan Area and the Urban Area of Nancy Agency of Development and Town Planning to  :

  • guide and reinforce changes in well-established sectors of activity: business/logistics; banking/finance/law; construction; business tourism.
  • implementation and support with structuring high-potential sectors of the future: materials, processes and energy; digital economy, health/health engineering; creative and cultural industries.

For more information, see the brochure Investir au Cœur du Grand Nancy (Investing in Nancy Grand Coeur)   Investir au Cœur du Grand Nancy


For any queries, please contact :


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The Grand Nancy metropolitan area