The City Centre Developer

In January 2016, Nancy set up a new role with responsibility for developing the city centre. Nicolas Mollet stepped into the job, having previously performed the same function in Lille and Montpellier.

His job is to coordinate stakeholders and build synergies between tourism, culture, events, planning, transport, etc. with an action plan to develop trade, by taking direct action on how it is organised: management of commercial change, minimising vacant premises, collective policies on events and promotions, brand development, etc.

The study and diagnostic stage led to the establishment of 5 targets:

  • To capitalise on unique local features
  • To develop a positive image of shopping in Nancy city centre
  • To drive commercial practice
  • To improve the environment for commercial activity
  • To bring in new traders

The city-centre developer is all about implementing an action plan that respects the City of Nancy's policy objectives while also taking account of partnerships developed through the agreement linking the city, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Arts and Crafts and "Vitrines de Nancy", the local trade association. 

This action plan is set to run for 3 years and comprises around 40 specific actions. About 15 of them will take place in 2016.

The role of city centre developer also involves:

  • monitoring the development of the commercial fabric of Nancy's city centre
  • defining a promotional, communications and events strategy
  • acting as a permanent interface between the City of Nancy and the representatives of all the stakeholders in city centre life.
  • developing and overseeing public and private financial partners
  • implementing a forward-looking approach among brand developers
  • representing the City of Nancy in professional networks and at trade fairs