Mai de l'Europe

Every year, in the month of May, the capital of Lorraine becomes "European Nancy". Talks, exhibitions, concerts and informal gatherings take place with the aim to foster dialogue between EU citizens.
Buoyed by a long tradition of European openness, every year since 2002 Nancy has organised "Mai de l'Europe" in close cooperation with relevant associations and institutions.

This event is an opportunity to discuss European ideals and inspire various stakeholders to get involved: elected representatives, institutions, associations, education sectors and twinned towns.

Events are held throughout May, but on 9 May in particular is the annual Europe Day, where around fifty Europe-related events are held with partners on a defined theme.

If you are interested in submitting a project, or becoming a partner, don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Mai de l'Europe 2016

In 2016, the theme of the 14th Mai de l'Europe was "Réenchantons l’Europe" - a call for people to rediscover their enthusiasm for Europe. In the wake of the 2015 attacks, the City of Nancy invited the public to show their support for social cohesion, dialogue and respect for republican values.

Under the patronage of Ed Kronenburg, Dutch Ambassador in France, Monaco and Andorra, the event also displayed the colours of the Netherlands. Europe Day, traditionally held on 9 May, was an occasion to rally the famous slogan "Unity in Diversity".

Three major events stood out this year:

Europe Day, the 9th of May, organised at the Nancy Hôtel de Ville and comprising around thirty different events


Italy Day: Italy and France symposium: "Two Diplomacies in the Great War" and an exhibition entitled "Italy and Diplomacy in the Great War: origins, developments and consequences" organised in partnership with the Consulate General of Italy in Metz and the Rectorate of the Nancy-MetzAcademy, on 24 May.  

The Ambassadors of Visegrad Symposium, organised by the European University Centre, in the presence of His Excellency Georges Károlyi, Ambassador to Hungary in France, His Excellency Andrzej Byrt, Ambassador to Poland in France, Imrich Babic, Senior Advisor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Slovakia in France and Daniel Volf, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in France.